Hi, I'm L Dante. 

You can call me Dante.

Me and my family have done some moving around. I was born and raised in Toronto. I spent most of my adult years in Nashville, Tennessee. Lived in the Bay Area for a few years and moved to Orange County in November of 2020 in the middle of the pandemic.

My earliest and biggest influence is the late, great Chi Modu. His work to me spoke volumes and captured his subjects in a way that told a story and took the viewer along for imaginary journeys.

My approach to photography is centered around storytelling. My start was in wedding photography first as an assistant, and eventually art directing and occasionally shooting for my cousin back in the Greater Toronto Area when I was 15 years old.

I jumped back into photography in the early 2000's and worked on a variety of projects from personality shoots, wedding, product, documentary and food photography. 

These days I'm focused on portrait photography on location, but will be available for event photography. I'm still an avid street photographer as well.


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